Backlink Auditing & Analysis Service

Lost the rankings you once had? Our backlink auditing service will discover why

The recent update of Google's Penguin 2.0 has caused many websites to lose their rankings. If you're one of them, we have a solution.

angry-penguinTransparent backlinking strategies that conform to Google's requirements are an important foundational element for any successful seo campaign. A high quality, diverse link profile is absolutley critical if your website business is to rank effectively in any search engine. After all, nobody wants an angry penguin chomping at their heels.

Cutting edge backlink auditing tools

We use a range of cutting edge tools to achive the best results and provide you with the deepest level of data we possibly can. Our link assessment tools will tear through your link profile and highlight any issues you have and might have in the future. There are no theories here...we deal only in data!

  • What you'll get with our backlink audit

  • seo-packages-tickURL's of Inbound Links (IBL) that are linking to your site
  • seo-packages-tickThe URL's on your website that are being linked to
  • seo-packages-tickOutbound Links (OBL) on the pages of the inbound links
  • seo-packages-tickComplete anchor text profile of the inbound links
  • seo-packages-tickKeyword anchor text percentages of (both across the site and per URL) of inbound links
  • seo-packages-tickFollow / Nofollow attribute of the inbound links
  • seo-packages-tickGoogle Page Rank (PR) of the inbound link URL and its root domain
  • seo-packages-tickAlive status of the inbound link and its root domain
  • seo-packages-tickAn assesment and report that highlights problem areas
  • seo-packages-tickFully manage any disavow process that may be needed


Google disavow service

Google’s Disavow Links Tool is not for the faint hearted and the tool comes with a warning from Google's webspam team. Our Google Disavow Service should be used as a last resort for any website that has been penalised by Google. We can take care of the entire process with link disavow being a simple bolt on to any backlink audit we have provided.

Example of backlink auditing data

You will recieve a run down of the different data pivots that will help you to easily see where you are over-optimised, under-optimised, weak links, spammy links and much more.


Competitor analysis backlink auditing service

The same incredible set of tools we use for auditing your backlinks can also be used to audit your competitors. You can gain all the same insights you get with your own backlinks for any of your competitors. If they're above you in the SERP's you can gain major insights into why and how you can push your own website further up the SERP.

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