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Leverage more local traffic for an increase in local seo servicessales with local seo services.

In the massively competitve world of seo, using a local seo expert to gain an increased market share is not to be overlooked.

Providing clients with a bespoke local seo service, we have masses of experience and specialist knowledge that can give your local business website the seo boost it needs to rank effectively in the UK marketplace.

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“It’s been less than two months and we are already on the first page for a bunch of our targeted keywords with some in the top 5 positions and above. Week in week out we are seeing a positive rise in our ranking for our chosen keywords. We’re already getting plenty of leads through the site and couldn’t be happier - highly recommended!”


Mike Taylor - Webmaster | Kings Clinics

What our local business seo includes:

tick-iconExpert keyword research: A must for seo, using in-depth keyword research we can define your local marketplace to ensure you are maximising visitor reach for your company website.

tick-iconTop ten competitor analysis: doing this will help you gain important insights into what is helping your competitors rank and how potentially difficult it is for you to do the same. We will look at the meta-profiles, on-page seo and content & backlink profiles.

tick-iconWeb page page analysis: we can put your content into a dedicated local search engine optimisation documents which we will use to analyse the overall effectiveness of your current content for any keywords you wish to rank for.

tick-iconLocal seo copywriting: incredibly important in seo for local businesses, copywriting is one step on from documenting your content. We will re-write your content to ensure it perfectly engages both search engines and potential customers for your agreed keywords. This also includes fully re-writing your meta-description and page titles.

tick-iconMicrodata: seo for local business also involves using microdata to tag your website to the IP addresses of your area. This will help search engines more effectively deliver your website to local customers without them needing to use area driven search terms.

tick-iconGoogle +plus: getting set-up with a Google+ page and linking it to your company website will give you an overall increase in local visibility with the added bonus of giving you a thumbnail listing in the SERP.

tick-iconBacklink building: Still a vitally important part of seo, we provide manual link building services that are based on competitor analysis only. We would create as diverse and as high quality a link profile as we can within your budget. This is the safest long-term approach to link building. For more details please visit the link building services page.

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A handful of local SEO tips for small business websites.

If you wanna make it in business it's vital you have some kind of online presence and equally important is that your small or local business website has great seo.

With so many people using the internet to find local services it has become vitally important that your local or small business has a website and that it has been search engine optimised to a high standard. A recent study reported that 39% of people when searching on the internet for a particular local company or small business were unable to find them.

The unfortunate conclusion is that many local and small businesses are losing countless amounts of business because thay have failed to shift their advertising model to the online paradigm. SEO should not just be something you've thought about or might consider, it should be an absolute priority in much the same way advertsing in your local newspaper or with the yellow pages once was. If you follow these guidelines you can go some way towards getting on board the internet bandwagon.

tick iconTake care of your meta data

Many small business seo newbies completely forget that you need to create separate and unique meta data for each and every web page. We would recommend putting your primary keywords at the beginning of each page title and make sure you include at least your city name somewhere in your page title, description and on your web page. We would definately recommend implementing local business schema where applicable.

tick iconLocal links for local businesses

Backlinks are like votes and you should always have a long term backlink strategy in place if you want to get your website ranking for important keyowrds. One part of your backlink strategy should be the acquisition of links from locally based companies and organisations like yours.

You should also try and get as many contextual backlinks as possible too, for example, if you run martial arts classes then ask your martial arts buddies around the country for a backlink to your website.

tick iconCreate regular seo content

In another small business seo post I talked about the importance of seo copywriting and creating regular, informative content for your website. Don't just let it die a dogs death like so many people do, adding fresh, new content will increase your digital footprint and your authority in the eyes of the search engine.

Try and write a couple of hundred words a couple of times a week and over time you will build up a useful resource for both your customers and potential customers and pick up a few good backlinks along the way.

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