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Increase your local traffic, leads & sales with small-business-seosmall business seo services.

Benefit from first class seo for small businesses from an astoundingly affordable £345 all in. Small price, HUGE impact!

Our introductory seo services may be low cost but that doesn't stop it from being high impact! We've bundled together the cream of our professional seo services into a small business package that rolls in at an astoundingly low price of just £345.

This service is easily affordable for small businesses that don’t have massive budgets but are looking to harness the incredible lead generating power of the internet. In most cases, this is all you will need! This service is only open to UK customers.

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“It’s been less than two months and we are already on the first page for a bunch of our targeted keywords with some in the top 5 positions and above. Week in week out we are seeing a positive rise in our ranking for our chosen keywords. We’re already getting plenty of leads through the site and couldn’t be happier - highly recommended!”


Mike Taylor - Webmaster | Kings Clinics

Tried & tested 3 stage approach to seo for small business
browse iconSTAGE 1 - On-Page SEO

tick-iconKeyword research: through thorough keyword research we will help define your market and who you wish to target to ensure you maximise visitor reach for your small business website.

tick-iconCompetitor analysis: gain unique insights into what your competitors are doing and how difficult it might be to rank highly for your targeted keywords. Competitor analysis is usually done in conjunction with keyword research and both inform each other. We will typically look at their meta-profiles, on-page content & backlink profiles.

tick-iconHome page analysis: get all your content put it into a dedicated small business seo document which we will use to analyse the effectiveness of your current content for the keywords we have agreed upon.

tick-iconSEO copywriting: using the dedicated seo document we will re-write your home page content to ensure it is effectively engaging the search engines for your chosen small business keywords. We will also re-write your meta-data.

tick-iconMicrodata: brilliant for affordable small business seo, microdata involves tagging your business to the local area. Doing this will associate your small business with your locality and help Google deliver your website to local searchers without having to use place names.

tick-iconGoogle +plus page: also fantastic for seo, we will correctly set-up a Google+ page for your business and link it to your website. This will help your small business website show up more often for local searches through an overall increase in visibility.

tick-iconFacebook page: another great tool for local and small business seo services, we'll put together a dedicated facebook business page that is properly optimised for your business sector.

tick-iconImplementation: The newly documented content will then be implemented into your website. If possible we will take a snapshot of your current seo rankings for any important keywords to see how effective the first stage has been.

browse iconSTAGE 2 - Off-Page SEO

tick-iconBacklink building: The types of backlink building we provide are manual link building services only. We would attempt to create as diverse and as high quality a link profile as we can within your given budget. For more details visit the link building services page. (Note: we are currently updating our website to reflect our move to manual link building only)

tick-iconRe-evaluation: at the end of stage 2 we would then re-evaluate where you are ranking for the keywords chosen at the beginning of the process. At this point we would expect to see some clear increases in your search engine positions for your chosen keywords.

browse iconSTAGE 3 - Evaluation +plus Additional Off-Page SEO

tick-iconOn-page seo tweaks: after the evaluation we will look at the data and make the necessary adjustments to your on-page seo.

tick-iconAdditional link building: our seo services for small business in stage 3 will come out of what we have achieved in the first 2 stages. The re-evaluation at the end of stage 2 will help us decide how to focus our efforts and would be discussed with you beforehand. It will probably involve link building based on the link types in stage 2.

By the end of our short but affordable, small business seo journey not only will your website be perfectly primed for your customers to find but you personally will have the professional knowledge to make informed choices about search engine optimisation and how it can work wonders for your website & small business as a whole.

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